Sriracha Hot Sauce (730ml)

Sriracha Hot Sauce (730ml)


Get it out the cupboard if you can't take the heat. But if you can take the heat then you know that sriracha is a super sauce, bringing a extra kick of flavour to any dish. So stick in or on mostly anything you can thing of. 

  • Fry halloumi in a little bit for a cheesey heatwave. 
  • Use it straight as a dipping sauce. 
  • Add into marinades for a little kick. 
  • Ingredients:

    Chilli, sugar, garlic, salt, water, acetic acid, citric acid, flavour enhancer, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate. 

    Contains MAISE, E330, E202, E415 (stabilizer), E621.