Sherry Vinegar (75cl)

Sherry Vinegar (75cl)


Versetile,  medium bodied, yet slightly sweet sherry vinegar brings a certain elevation to any dish. Made from ewine from the Palomino grape in Spain, a lot of people describe sherry vinegar as a middle ground between balsamic and merlot or white wine vingegar; not as sweet as balsamic nor as acidic as merlot or white. Sherry vinegar can be:


  • Whisked into marinades and vinegarettes.
  • Make a classic chilled gazpacho soup. 
  • Use as you would regular vingegar for a fanicer flavour, 
  • Ingredients:

    100% Sherry Vinegar.

    Contains SULPHITES.

  • Country of Origin:


  • Storage:

    Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. 


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