Condensed Milk (6 x 397g)

Condensed Milk (6 x 397g)


Sweetened condensed milk can be used in so many different ways in the kitchen, so it’s always handy to keep a can or two in the cupboard. Thick, silky and sweet condensed milk plays a huge roll in ‘no bake desserts’, from two ingredient fudges to no churn ice- cream the sweet things you can make are endless. Here’s a few more suggestions to keep you going, as you do get six cans for £9.99.

  • Make your own caramel for your bakes.
  • Drizzle over fruit for a extra sweet kick, or drizzle over any dessert you like in replacement of cream.
  • Make a famous tres leches cake aka a three milk cake  using condensed milk, evaporated milk and double cream.
  • Ingredients:

    Whole Milk, Granulated Sugar, Cane Sugar, Calcium Chloride (E509 [Stabiliser]), Ent Lactose

    Processing Aid: Tricalcium Phosphate


    Contains MILK

  • Country of Origin:

    Whole Milk: The Netherlands

    Granulated Sugar: EU (Various Countries)

    Cane Sugar: Brazil, 25 different countries

    Calcium Chloride: Germany, Sweden

    Ent Lactose: United States

    Tricalcium Phosphate: Morocco

  • Storage:

    8% Sweetened Condensed Milk should be stored in cool ambient storage between 10-20°C.


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