Acquerello Carnaroli Rice

Acquerello Carnaroli Rice (500g)


Acquerellos carnaroli rice is hailed as the best rice for risotto, creamy yet stable, it's processing plays a big part in the texture and flavour that top chefs across the world love. 


Learn more about Acquerellos processing and how it has become the favourite rice for risotto with a message from the supplier below.


"In Italy, over the last 27 years, Acquerello has undeniably demonstrated the importance of aging unhusked paddy rice for at least one year in order to stabilize the starch, enhancing the quality and the organoleptic characteristics of the product. The Aging process is done by storing unhusked rough rice for at least 1 year (for at least 7 years for 1% of our Reserve) in stainless steel silos at a controlled temperature lower than 15 degrees. 
Acquerello is the only rice in the world whitened with an ancient method, the helix, invented in 1875 and always considered the best. The Helix generates a slow and delicate rotatory movement that provides an extremely gentle abrasion ‘grain against grain’. Only this method leaves each grain perfectly intact, without scratches nor fractures, that lead to a lack of uniformity in cooking.  The most exclusive step in Acquerello production is restoring the rice germ into white grain thanks to a process that has been patented. The germ is the embryo of a new plant which contains the most precious nutritional substances such as vitamins and minerals. The world wide patented process consists in restoring the germ, (after it is separated from the bran), into the white grains through a simple and mechanical method that produces the pressure of the rice germ onto the rice. The temperature slowly increases up to the right level allowing the Rice Germ to melt down, penetrating into the grains.  The dream of a white grain – never achieved before – to maintain the most precious nutritive values of brown rice has been realized by Piero Rondolino."

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    Carnaroli Rice

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    Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


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